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Martha Alhassan and Kenneth Matey

Martha Alhassan and Kenneth Matey."We can't thank Attorney Piccarreto enough for getting us our U.S. Permanent Resident Cards through the U.S. Embassy in Ghana, Africa.  We are now happily living in the United States."

Sergeant Carlos Chipoco

Sergeant Carlos Chipoco."I was a Police Officer in a suburb of Atlanta at the time of my lawsuit with the city (my employer at the time). I hired attorney Piccarreto because he had been successful with other legal court cases involving Police Officers. Attorney Piccarreto has a lot of experience in litigating Police cases and he litigated my case very assertively each step of the way in the Court process. Attorney Piccarreto "WON"' the lawsuit in State Superior Court. I made the right choice to hire Attorney Piccarreto. I am extremely satisfied with Mr. Piccarreto's services!.”


Georgia State University

Georgia State University."Judge Piccarreto,Thank you so much for coming out and supporting our event! It was an honor to have you and we look forward to working with you in the future. We admire your work and constant dedication to serving our immigrant community! Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless and always defending our people. We wish you the best and may God bless you! Sincerely, The Delta Beta Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY (GSU).“Immigrants Around the World 2018”.

Bravo Family

Bravo Family."A family from Venezuela put me in contact with the lawyer Roberto Piccarreto, after my first meeting with him I knew that I was in the right place to handle such an important situation for the future of my family as was my case of political persecution (asylum ). The lawyer Piccarreto is a person with a proven knowledge in the management of asylums and proof of this is that he has managed to win all his cases. Piccarreto was a diligent and responsible lawyer in the handling and preparation of the case and of my person to face the affirmative asylum interview and get approval for it. There is no doubt that his experience and ability were the keys to winning the case".

Vincero Family

Vincero Family. "I was referred to attorney Piccarreto by the Venezuelan group in Atlanta. I found out that attorney Piccarreto is a Judge as well and that he has never lost a political persecution case (asylum) in front of an immigration judge or immigration officer. Attorney Piccarreto did an awesome job with my case and I won!! I am so happy and I highly recommend attorney Piccarreto because he does a very good work and knows the laws extremely well."

The Serrano Morales Family

The Serrano Morales Family. We were referred to attorney Piccarreto by the catholic church after consulting a number of different attorneys in metro Atlanta. Attorney Piccarreto was the best decision we ever made for our future. Our case was before the immigration court. Attorney Piccarreto litigated our case before the immigration judge in a five-hour trial and won our case. Mr. Piccarreto has a lot of contacts with the intelligence community in Latin America and he was able to get information that no other attorney could get. attorney Piccarreto even had a intelligence officer from our country testifying in court. Thanks to attorney Piccarreto, we are now living the American dream. He was a blessing

Montenegro Duque Family

The Montenegro Duque Family. Attorney Roberto Piccarreto is an attorney that really knows the law. We chose Mr. Piccarreto because he is a Judge and has a high level of legal expertise that I could not find with other attorneys. If you want your case handled with care and legal skill, choose attorney Piccarreto.

Jose A and Virginia

Jose A and Virginia. We are from Venezuela and we were referred to attorney Piccarreto because of his expertise and winning record for political persecution (political asylum) cases in front of the immigration courts.


In “The Covington News”, 2012, City Revokes Liquor License. Roberto Piccarreto effectively represented the City during the hearing to revoke the restaurants liquor license. Piccarreto litigated the case, questioned acting city clerk about documents presented to the bar, and read the charges against the business. As a result, the bar had their liquor license revoked/suspended for failure to file excise tax returns and failure to pay excise taxes.

Quesada Vincero Family

The Quesada Vincero Family. Our case was before the immigration court in Atlanta. We hired attorney Roberto Piccarreto and he won our case in Immigration court. Mr. Piccarreto is well known within the Venezuelan community for winning. He is very knowledgeable about the geo-politics in south American countries. Thank you, Mr. Piccarreto.

Roberto Piccarreto en oficina

The Laprea Ospino Family. On behalf of me and my family I want to thank Attorney Piccarreto for his support, professionalism, and care to make possible what looked impossible. We don’t have enough words to express our happiness. God may reward attorney Piccarreto and his family with health, success, and blessings for everything he does for people that come to this country looking for a better life.

Ron Mortensen

Ron Mortensen. I was a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer until I was unexpectedly and without prior warning swept up into an incident that involved the actions of another officer, which landed me in a complex legal court battle to prove my innocence. As my attorney, Mr. Piccarreto was very aggressive and proactive in protecting my rights. Attorney Piccarreto knows the cop world well, as he too was a police officer and he’s very much pro-law enforcement. I would highly recommend Mr. Piccarreto to any police officer who needs excellent and good quality representation.


In “The Covington News”, 2017, The Citizens Police Academy. Judge Piccarreto participated in the mock trials for the City’s Police Academy, where the class were given the experience of what it’s like for a police officer to prepare and present their simulated case in court before a Judge.






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