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Roberto Bernardino Piccarreto

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Robert Piccarreto Mr. Robert Piccarreto graduated from law school in 1996 and is currently a Metro Atlanta Judge. Mr. Piccarreto brings together a highly-skilled background in Intelligence, Investigations, Police Work, Criminal Prosecutions, International Affairs, International Humanitarian Law, civil rights work, and other areas to develop winning strategies for his clients .
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Robert has an active practice in the areas of complex Immigration matters, Employment Law, Organized Crime, Worker’s Compensation, International Drug Trafficking, Civil Rights and Discrimination, Family Law, Personal Injury, Global Business, and Civil Litigation. Mr. Piccarreto practices law and litigates cases in both State Courts and U. S. Federal Courts.

Robert’s area of practice in International Humanitarian Law has greatly benefited clients seeking safe haven in the United States from other countries around the world due to human rights abuses. Many of Mr. Piccarreto’s clients are escaping oppression in their Nations in times of conflict, persecution, genocide, war crimes, terrorism, and crisis. Mr. Piccarreto is well educated with years of experience in the area of International Humanitarian Law, having litigated many cases with success in Federal courts on behalf of his clients fleeing war torn countries with a history of human rights abuses and warfare. Robert is very active in the protection of the rights of refugees and others victimized by armed conflict and terrorism in foreign nations around the globe.

Mr. Piccarreto’s background has contributed significantly to his effectiveness as an Attorney in preparing and arguing such sensitive cases before the Federal Courts. Robert’s experience as a Metro Atlanta Judge, as a former Prosecutor, as a former Police Officer, as a combat veteran, as well as his past work in the U.S. Intelligence community in the arena of Special Operations has given him a wealth of understanding, knowledge, and training in many different areas that relates very well to the cases of various clients. Mr. Piccarreto is familiar with the inner workings of court sentencing of offenders by Judges, how cases are presented and prosecuted in courts by Prosecutors, the Criminal law statutes and procedures, Police practices, and the functioning of foreign governments, all of which have proven beneficial in preparing the assorted cases for his clients.

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Furthermore, Robert was appointed by Court Order in a Nevada Court as a Police Expert Witness in the field of crime scenes and ballistics in a high-profile Las Vegas murder case. Mr. Piccarreto has given sworn testimony as a “Police Expert” before both State and Federal courts. Equally, Robert has worked in the United States Intelligence community earning him a plethora of understanding in the field of international geo-politics and foreign governmental oppression of people, which has proven beneficial in assisting Clients with Immigration matters such as Political Persecution cases.

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In the 1980’s, Robert proudly served his country in the United States Military as an Army Airborne Ranger and is a combat veteran of a foreign war. Robert saw combat firsthand during the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama when U.S. Army Rangers aggressively fought and defeated the Panamanian Special Forces (“Macho De Monte”) in their home country, resulting in the capture and extradition of Panama’s Dictator Manuel Noriega to the United States to Face Federal Charges in Miami.


Robert has also worked in the United States Intelligence field, with assignments to the Pentagon, Latin America, Europe, and abroad. Robert’s international network of contacts has been a valuable asset in gathering information and investigating Political cases involving the oppression of clients by foreign governments, Terrorist Organizations, guerrilla insurgent groups, and others.

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Also, Mr. Piccarreto was a Metro Atlanta Police Officer and Georgia State Trooper with nearly 10 years of experience in Law Enforcement. As a Police Officer, Robert worked in many specialized assignments to include: The DUI Task Force, S.W.A.T. Team, Criminal Drug Intelligence gathering, and the execution of High Risk Drug Warrants. As a State Trooper, Robert operated on the United Sates Presidential Security Detail, responsible for protecting the President and Vice President of the United Sates, and performed Law Enforcement duties during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Additionally, Robert was featured on national television as a Georgia State Trooper for his heroic act of taking a drug dealer into custody following a violent physical confrontation in which a fellow State Trooper was incapacitated by the Fugitive.

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Roberto has attended and completed the FBI-Leeda 298th Supervisor Leadership Course for Law Enforcement Executives. Mr. Piccarreto is a strong advocate and voice for the rights of police officers. He has defended police officers in criminal and civil courts at the State and Federal Levels, and represented officers before the State Peace Officers Standard and training (P.O.S.T.) Council, which regulates the state certifications of police officers.

Robert’s free time is spent training for mixed martial arts fights and boxing competitions. Robert has had two of the most dedicated trainers that the fight profession has to offer. Both trainers, Mr. Palmer and the late Brother Haymes, were instrumental in developing Mr. Piccarreto’s winning fight strategy.

Dennis Palmer, was Robert’s mixed martial arts trainer, who is a retired professional fighter with over 200 fights to his credit and who has trained over 30 professional world ranked fighters in his mixed martial arts system that incorporates 9 different combat fighting styles. In 1999, Mr. Palmer was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the year.

The late Brother Haymes, was Robert’s boxing trainer, who was a professional boxer for many years and the sparring partner to Mr. Floyd Patterson – the 1956 world heavyweight boxing champion. In addition to being a professional boxer, Brother Haymes also retired from the United States Army and is a veteran of the Viet Nam war, volunteering for 2 combat tours in South East Asia.

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Robert is a member of the American Judges Association, the National District Attorneys Association of Prosecutors, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Mr. Piccarreto has also been nationally recognized for his civil rights work and advocacy, by receiving recognition from Ms. Rosa Parks and having his name placed on the National “Wall of Tolerance” honoring those who are leading the way towards a more tolerant and just America as founding members of the National Campaign for Tolerance.

In the state of Georgia, Roberto is the Chairman of the "Security in Municipal Courts" Committee of the Council of Judges of the Municipal Courts of Georgia. Mr. Piccarreto's mission on the committee is to establish standards and practices for safety in Georgia's municipal courts, as well as address training and other matters for city courts throughout the state.


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